At My Bloomingdale Dentist, we are committed to providing a comprehensive range of dental services to meet all your oral health needs. Our experienced team is here to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. Explore our services below:
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Dr. Kim is excellent. Would highly recommend for all dental needs. Very professional, friendly, gentle and explains everything.



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Got my tooth worked on with Bloomingdale Dentist, The entire staff are amazing from start to finished, they made the whole experience very good.

May 16, 2024
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Dentist In Bloomingdale

Dentist in bloominglade IL 60108
Dentist in Bloomingdale
Unlock Your Best Smile with the Top-Rated General & Cosmetic Dentist in Bloomingdale, IL

Achieving a captivating smile goes hand in hand with maintaining excellent oral hygiene, a cornerstone of overall health. To safeguard your radiant smile, regular visits to a knowledgeable dental expert are paramount. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends biannual dental checkups, reinforcing the importance of consistent oral care.

At My Bloomingdale Dentist , D r. Henry Kim DMD, located at 183 S. Bloomingdale Rd, Suite 102, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, we proudly stand as the premier dental destination in Bloomingdale and its surrounding areas. Our commitment is unwavering, delivering top-notch dental services to prioritize the well-being of our valued patients.

Experience a comprehensive suite of dental services designed to meet both general and cosmetic needs, ensuring you and your family receive the utmost care. Explore the array of services available at our Bloomingdale office, encompassing:

  1. General Dentistry: Routine Dental Check-ups
    Teeth Cleaning and Polishing
    Digital X-rays
    Oral Cancer Screenings
  2. Cosmetic Dentistry :Teeth Whitening
    Porcelain Veneers
    Cosmetic Bonding
    Smile Makeovers
  3. Restorative Dentistry :Dental Fillings
    Crowns and Bridges
    Dental Implants
  4. Periodontal (Gum) Care :Gum Disease Treatment
    Scaling and Root Planing
    Periodontal Maintenance
  5. Orthodontics :Invisalign
    Traditional Braces
    Orthodontic Consultations
  6. Emergency Dental Care :Same-Day Emergency Appointments
    Toothache Relief
    Emergency Extractions

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit our website at or call us at 224-520-8665. 

Your journey to optimal oral health and a stunning smile begins at My Bloomingdale Dentist . We look forward to serving you with excellence."

Elevate Your Smile with Expert Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Transform your smile with our advanced cosmetic dental bonding procedure at My Bloomingdale Dentist , l ed by Dr. Henry Kim DMD. This meticulous process involves the following steps:

  1. Surface Preparation:The teeth's surface is meticulously etched, creating an ideal foundation for the bonding process.
  2. Bonding Application:A specialized liquid bonding solution is carefully applied to enhance the bond between the tooth and the cosmetic resin.
  3. Resin Sculpting:High-quality plastic resin is expertly applied and sculpted by our skilled team to achieve the desired shape, providing a seamless and natural appearance.
  4. Finishing Touches:The resin undergoes a thorough smoothing, polishing, and trimming process to create a flawless finish.

Benefit from our efficient process, often completed in a single visit for your convenience. It's essential to note that while cosmetic dental bonding offers immediate results, the longevity typically spans three to five years, after which a maintenance or repair session may be necessary.

Revitalize your smile with lasting confidence. Schedule your cosmetic dental bonding appointment at My Bloomingdale Dentist , located at 183 S. Bloomingdale Rd, Suite 102, Bloomingdale, IL 60108. Visit our website at or call us at 224-520-8665." 

Unlock Your Best Smile: Prioritize Your Oral Health with Expert Dental Care

Maintaining good oral hygiene not only enhances your smile but also positively impacts your overall health. To ensure a beautiful and healthy smile, regular visits to a knowledgeable dental expert are crucial. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends biannual dental checkups, emphasizing their role in maintaining oral health, functionality, and a healthy set of teeth.

At My Bloomingdale Dentist , led by Dr. Henry Kim DMD, we are dedicated to providing top-tier dental services at 183 S. Bloomingdale Rd, Suite 102, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, and the surrounding areas. Our commitment is to offer a comprehensive range of dental services , catering to the unique needs of you and your family.

Explore our General and Cosmetic Dental Services:

  • Bonding:Achiev e a flawless smile with our bonding procedures.
  • Bridges :Restore your smile and maintain jaw alignment with our expertly crafted dental bridges. Whether fixed or removable, our bridges fill the gap left by missing teeth, contributing to overall oral well-being.

Healthy teeth play a pivotal role in your appearance, speech, and daily functions. While preventive dentistry helps curb tooth loss, severe damage may necessitate tooth removal. In such cases, dental bridges become a valuable solution.

High-Quality Porcelain Dental Crowns in Bloomingdale, IL

When extensive tooth damage occurs, a basic filling may not be sufficient to restore the tooth's structure. In such cases, opting for a crown treatment becomes essential. At My Bloomingdale Dentist , under the expert care of Dr. Henry Kim, DMD, our porcelain dental crowns are meticulously designed to seamlessly blend with your natural teeth, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional support.

Not only do our dental crowns enhance the appearance of your smile, but they also contribute to maintaining a functional bite. Crafted for durability, a well-fitted crown can last up to 20 or 30 years, ensuring long-lasting results. Schedule your dental appointment at our office located at 183 S. Bloomingdale Rd, Suite 102, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, or call us at 224-520-8665. Discover the transformative benefits of our crown treatments and experience the personalized care that sets us apart.

Why Choose My Bloomingdale Dentist - Dr. Henry Kim, DMD?

At My Bloomingdale Dentist , we are dedicated to meeting all your dental needs. Dr. Henry Kim, DMD, and our experienced team offer a comprehensive range of dental services, ensuring that every member of your family maintains a beautiful smile and optimal oral health. We prioritize healthy gums and teeth, helping you achieve a smile you're proud to display.

Informed Decisions for Your Oral Health

We believe in empowering our patients to make informed decisions about their oral health. Choosing a dentist in Bloomingdale is a significant decision, and we provide the information you need to make it confidently. Visit our website at for more details, or schedul e an appointment with us today for a consultation and discover the procedures that can turn your dream smile into a reality.

Don't wait—take the first step towards optimal oral health and a radiant smile. Contact My Bloomingdale Dentist , Dr. Henry Kim, DMD, now to schedule your appointment and embark on a journey to a healthier, more confident you.

Now Welcoming New Patients in Bloomingdale, IL

When new patients step into My Bloomingdale Dentist for the first time, their initial reaction is often one of pleasant surprise. They frequently remark, "Wow! This doesn't look or feel anything like a typical dental office!"

We go the extra mile to make you feel at home right from the start. Greeting you by name, we offer a beverage as you relax in our inviting reception area. A friendly member of our team will guide you through a personalized tour of our office. Afterward, we'll escort you to our examination room, where you'll settle into one of our deluxe chairs. This is the beginning of our journey to understand and care for your smile, starting with an oral history, x-rays, and the use of intraoral cameras to show you real-time insights.

Comprehensive Dental Solutions in Bloomingdale, IL

At My Bloomingdale Dentist , we provide a full spectrum of dental services all conveniently located under one roof. From preventive cleanings and Invisalign® clear aligners to periodontal therapy and full-mouth restorations, our professional team is dedicated to offering premier general, cosmetic, and restorative dental services. For those seeking extra support during their visit, we also provide sedation dentistry to ease any anxieties.

We acknowledge that dental anxiety is real, and our compassionate team strives to create a warm and welcoming environment. 

Your Local Dental Home in Bloomingdale, IL

Situated in Bloomingdale and proudly serving the surrounding areas, My Bloomingdale Dentist goes beyond the basics. We prioritize your comfort with experienced doctors who treat you like a real person, taking the time to listen, discuss, explain, and pamper. Unlike rushed experiences elsewhere, we dedicate ample time to ensure you receive the quality care you deserve.

Your journey to a healthier smile starts here in Bloomingdale, IL at My Bloomingdale Dentist. Join us, where our range of services and exceptional dental staff are ready to cater to your unique smile. Schedule your appointment and discover why My Bloomingdale Dentist is the perfect home for your smile's needs.

Welcome to My Bloomingdale Dentist - Your Trusted Dentist in Bloomingdale, IL.

Unlock the radiance of a healthy smile that has the power to light up a room. At My Bloomingdale Dentist, led by Dr. Henry Kim, we specialize in creating those gleaming smiles through personalized and attentive treatment. Our commitment extends to using leading-edge technology, ensuring you receive the care you deserve with the extra time and attention every patient wants.

Whether you're seeking routine, restorative, cosmetic, or preventative dental services, My Bloomingdale Dentist is the right place for you. We pride ourselves on providing two essentials: Extra time. Extra attention.

Creating long-lasting relationships is as important to us as fostering healthy oral habits that last a lifetime. Dr. Henry Kim and our dedicated team at My Bloomingdale Dentist ensure that our smaller, more personalized practice allows us to fully focus on you, delivering exceptional care and the brighter smile you deserve.

Why Choose My Bloomingdale Dentist:

  • Personalized Care: Our smaller practice ensures personalized attention for each patient.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We use the latest technology for top-notch dental services.
  • Patient Relationships: Building long-lasting relationships is our priority.

Conveniently Located:Visit us at: My Bloomingdale Dentist - Dr. Henry Kim 183 S Bloomingdale Rd Ste#102, Bloomingdale, IL 60108 Tel: 224-520-8665

Proudly serving Bloomingdale , Glendael Heights , Carol Stream, Itasca , Roselle , and many other nearby Chicagoland communities. Finding us is easy!

Discover the My Bloomingdale Dentist difference today for a healthier, brighter smile that lasts a lifetime.

Unlock Your Radiant Smile with Custom Dentures in Bloomingdale, IL

Experience the artistry of dentures at My B loomingdale Dentist . From immediate dentures for a seamless transition to implant-retained dentures for enhanced stability, discover personalized solutions. Preserve your natural teeth with partial dentures, and ensure lasting comfort with denture relines. Trust the Denture Experts at My Bloomingdale Dentist for fittings and repairs.

Welcome to My Bloomingdale Dentist , your destination for exquisite dentures in Bloomingdale, IL. Our commitment goes beyond restoring teeth – we craft smiles that radiate confidence and charm.

Elevate Your Smile:When it comes to replacing natural teeth, dentures stand as a versatile and appealing solution. At My Bloomingdale Dentist , our dentures not only offer complete functionality for your daily activities but also bring back the allure of your smile.

Precision for Comfort:Our dental procedures are a harmony of precision and comfort. Whether you choose immediate dentures, implant-retained dentures, or opt for the subtlety of partial dentures, each treatment is meticulously designed. Experience the perfect fit that supports your cheeks and lips while seamlessly replacing lost teeth.

Discover Your Options:My Bloomingdale Dentist presents an array of denture options tailored to your unique needs:

  • Immediate Dentures : For situations where complete tooth extraction is inevitable, providing you with a denture solution before the extraction process is complete.
  • Implant-Retained Dentures : Elevate your experience with dentures anchored by implants, ensuring stability during eating or conversation.
  • Partial Dentures : Preserve your natural teeth while addressing the gaps with custom partial dentures, designed to meet your individual needs.
  • Denture Relines : Ensure your dentures adapt to the changing contours of your gums. Schedule professional relines every one or two years for continued functionality.

Expert Fittings and Repairs:When it's time for new dentures or repairs, trust the proficiency of My Bloomingdale Dentist . Our Denture Experts specialize in rebasing, repairs, and fittings, ensuring your smile receives comprehensive care.

Transform your smile into a masterpiece. Contact the Denture Experts at My Bloomingdale Dentist today.

Emergency Dentist in Bloomingdale, IL - Immediate Dental Care

Are you facing a dental emergency in Bloomingdale, IL? Swift action is crucial! Whether you're grappling with dental pain, a fractured tooth, or a damaged crown, our dedicated team at My Bloomingdale Dentist is here to provide prompt and effective emergency dental services.

Why Choose Us for Emergency Dental Care? 

At My Bloomingdale Dentist, we understand that dental emergencies can strike at any time. That's why our team is committed to delivering swift and reliable emergency dental services. When you contact us at (224) 520-8665, we prioritize scheduling your appointment promptly to address the issue and save your tooth from further harm.

Common Dental Emergencies We Treat:

What Sets Us Apart:

When you visit our emergency dentist, expect top-notch diagnostics to identify the issue. We provide immediate and efficient pain management, ensuring relief from your discomfort. In case of an urgent root canal , we act swiftly to ease your pain. Alternatively, we recommend tailored treatments based on your specific situation.

Flexible Scheduling for Your Convenience:

We understand the urgency of dental emergencies, and we strive to accommodate you in our schedule. In critical situations, we even offer after-hours services. For more information about after-hours options, feel free to call us at (224) 520-8665 anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Emergencies:

  1. What Is Considered A Dental Emergency?A dental emergency includes any issue requiring immediate treatment to reduce pain, stop bleeding, manage infection, minimize trauma effects, or save a tooth.
  2. What Should I Do If I Have A Dental Emergency ?Call our office immediately at (224) 520-8665 for symptom discussion, immediate treatment recommendations, and appointment scheduling.
  3. How Do I Relieve My Toothache Pain?Rinse with saltwater, floss around the sore tooth, apply ice, or take OTC pain relievers.
  4. How Much Does Emergency Dental Treatment Cost?Final costs depend on required treatment. Our staff will provide pricing details beforehand, offering options to suit your budget.

For emergency dental services in Bloomingdale , call My Bloomingdale Dentist at (224) 520-8665. We are here to help you regain your oral health promptly!

Trusted Dentist in Bloomingdale, IL | Your Oral Health Matters | My Bloomingdale Dentist
  1. Trusted Dentist in Bloomingdale, IL | Your Oral Health Matters | My Bloomingdale Dentist
  2. Experience comprehensive dental care in Bloomingdale with My Bloomingdale Dentist. From preventive services to, Implant Invisalign , Dr. Henry Kim and our team prioritize your oral health. Schedule an appointment now!
  3. Introduction and Overview:
  4. My Bloomingdale Dentist - Your Premier Source for Modern Dental Care in Bloomingdale At My Bloomingdale Dentist, we offer extensive expertise in modern dentistry, addressing everything from preventive education to advanced cosmetic solutions. As your local Bloomingdale dentist, we take pride in being essential caretakers within the community. Discover exceptional general dentistry with Dr. Henry Kim leading the way.
  5. Appointment and Contact Information:
  6. Book Your Appointment: [Link] Rated 4.9 on Google | Family-Friendly Today’s Hours: Closed Contact Your Local Bloomingdale Dentist at 224-520-8665 Accepts Medicare Advantage
  7. Special Promotion:
  8. Exclusive Affordable Dental Health Care $0 out-of-pocket for insured patients. Grab this limited-time offer for a transformed smile!
  9. Services Overview:
  10. Your Preferred Choice for Dental Services in Bloomingdale Explore a variety of dental services tailored to your needs, including teeth whitening, dental imaging, emergency dental care, and more. Dr. Henry Kim ensures comprehensive and personalized care for every patient.
  11. About Us:
  12. Welcome to My Bloomingdale Dentist - Your Trusted Local Dentist Our mission is to provide comprehensive, affordable dental care to the Bloomingdale community. Dr. Henry Kim leads our team, prioritizing your unique needs and utilizing cutting-edge technology for precise diagnoses. Experience a calm atmosphere with the latest technology for patient comfort.
  13. Dental Services We Provide:
  14. Comprehensive, Effective, Convenient, and Affordable Dental Health Care $0 out-of-pocket for insured patients and the VantageOne program for those without insurance. Evening and Saturday hours available. Explore the convenience of CEREC Crowns - one-appointment crowns.
  15. Corrective Dental Services:
  16. Discover corrective dental procedures, including Invisalign® clear aligners - an ideal choice for working adults.
  17. Innovative Technology for Dental Care:
  18. Embrace advanced, up-to-date technology for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Bid farewell to time-consuming, uncomfortable dental x-rays with our non-invasive, painless equipment.
  19. Schedule Your Appointment:
  20. Prioritize oral health for overall well-being. Trust us to promptly address any dental problems. Call 224-520-8665 to schedule an appointment with your local Bloomingdale Dentist, Dr. Henry Kim.
  21. Contact Information and Location:
  22. Address: 
  23. 183 S. Bloomingdale Rd Suite#102 , Bloomingdale, IL 60108   
  24. Contact Your Local Bloomingdale Dentist at 224-520-8665 Primary Dentist: Dr. Henry Kim, DDS

Dental Care in Bloomingdale, IL

Looking for Quality Dental Care in Bloomingdale, IL?

Quality Dental Care in Bloomingdale

Look no further! At My Bloomingdale Dentist , Dr. Henry Kim DMD, we're dedicated to providing top-notch dental services to the Bloomingdale community and beyond.

Why Choose Us?

 Experienced and Friendly Team: Our skilled dental professionals, led by Dr. Henry Kim DMD, are committed to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout your visit. 

Comprehensive Services: From routine check-ups to advanced treatments, we offer a wide range of dental services to meet your needs. 

State-of-the-Art Facility: We utilize the latest technology and techniques to deliver exceptional results with every procedure. 

Personalized Care: Your oral health goals are our priority, and we tailor our treatments to suit your individual needs.

 Convenient Location: Located at 183 S. Bloomingdale Rd suite 102 in Bloomingdale, IL 60108 , our office is easily accessible for patients from all over the area.

Whether you're due for a cleaning, interested in cosmetic enhancements, or experiencing dental discomfort, we're here to help!

Schedule your appointment today and experience the difference at My Bloomingdale Dentist .

183 S. Bloomingdale Rd suite 102, Bloomingdale, IL 60108 224-520-8665  

Transforming Smiles, One Patient at a Time.

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