Discover the Gentle Art of Dental Prophy Cleaning at My Bloomingdale Dentist!

Discover the Gentle Art of Dental Prophy Cleaning at My Bloomingdale Dentist!

Discover the Gentle Art of Dental Prophy Cleaning at My Bloomingdale Dentist!

🦷 Do you wonder what goes into achieving that dazzling smile? Let us guide you through the Steps of a Dental Prophy Cleaning.

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🔹 Steps of a Dental Prophy Cleaning:

  1. Assessment: Our dedicated hygienists begin with a thorough assessment of your oral health, checking for any areas of concern.
  2. Ultrasonic Scaling: We use advanced ultrasonic technology to gently remove tartar and plaque buildup from your teeth, leaving them clean and smooth.
  3. Hand Scaling: For precision and detail, we perform hand scaling to ensure that every nook and cranny is free from debris.
  4. Polishing: Get ready to shine! We polish your teeth to a radiant finish, removing surface stains and enhancing your smile's brilliance.
  5. Fluoride Treatment: To strengthen your teeth and prevent future decay, we provide a fluoride treatment that leaves your teeth more resilient and vibrant.
  6. Oral Hygiene Guidance: Our team is passionate about educating patients. We provide personalized oral hygiene guidance to help you maintain a healthy smile.

🔹 Benefits of Our Dental Prophy Cleaning: 🌟 Prevent Gum Disease: Regular cleanings protect against gum disease and maintain overall health. 🌟 A Brighter Smile: Remove stains, plaque, and tartar to reveal your natural, gleaming teeth. 🌟 Trust the Experts: Dr. Henry Kim DMD and our expert team provide gentle, effective care. 🌟 Experience the Difference: We take pride in our dedication to hygiene. Come and experience the My Bloomingdale Dentist difference!

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Achieve a smile that shines with the meticulous hygienic technique of My Bloomingdale Dentist. Schedule your Dental Prophy Cleaning today!

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Your smile's beauty and health are our top priorities!

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