Gum Disease

Gum Disease

Gum Disease

Gum Disease Treatment in Bloomingdale, IL


Did you know that gum disease affects one out of every five adults? Recognizing the symptoms, such as swollen and bleeding gums or receding gum lines, is crucial. These issues are caused by harmful bacteria and are linked to serious health conditions like diabetes, strokes, and heart disease. At My Bloomingdale Dentist, we offer comprehensive treatment options to ensure your oral and overall health.

Treatment Options:

1. Root Planing and Scaling :

Our root planing and scaling procedure is highly effective in eliminating plaque buildup between your gums and teeth, targeting the root of the issue. By smoothing irregular surfaces, we make it less likely for plaque to accumulate. This treatment promotes healthy gums and teeth.

2. Pinhole Gum Surgery :

Experience the latest in gum recession treatment with Pinhole Gum Surgery. This advanced, scalpel-free procedure restores lost gum tissue caused by periodontal disease. Patients benefit from minimal discomfort, quicker recovery times compared to traditional grafting, and natural-looking results. Learn more on our Gum Recession page.

3. Arestin Antibiotic Treatment:

Following a root scaling and planing procedure, we may recommend Arestin, an antibiotic gel. This specialized treatment targets gum disease directly at the source without affecting the rest of your body. Arestin fights the disease on-site for two weeks, ensuring effective results.

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